At EBWS we recognize that the wellbeing of the residents in long-term care facilities is greatly influenced not only by the location and respective services available, but most importantly by the staff delivering these services. Oftentimes staff gets burnout and may have a hard time collaborating with one another optimally, but also having the emotional availability to care or the residents with patience and kindness. Our goal is to offer a series of 6-week training/support groups to:


·        improve the efficiency of staff

·        reduce work-related stress & burnout

·        enhance the staff’s understanding of psychological factors influencing the residents' behavior

·        reduce employee turn-over

·       develop realistic expectations from the residents, and one another


We work in conjunction with the facility’s Director to identify areas of concern for their staff (burnout support, communication, trust, collaboration) and we tailor the workshop to the specific needs of the facility.

Here are some of the topics we focus on in our current workshops: 


  • Reducing Caregiver Burnout & Self-Care
  • Increasing Motivation, Commitment and Work Performance
  • Multi-cultural Competence ​
  • Stress & Its Effect on Staff in Long-Term Care Settings: Learning to manage stress, & anxiety in the work setting
  • Working behaviorally with Dementia & Other Cognitive Disorders


Frequently, we offer presentation to the residents, family members, and community forums, such as:


·       Stress and seniors: Learning about how depression and anxiety affect  the immune system and success with rehabilitation

·       Senior bullying

·       Effective communication & assertiveness skills

·       Coping skills for achieving and maintaining emotional well-being

·       How to cope with a sick loved one: Maintaining a Balance between Care-Giving & Self-Care