At EBWS, we offer our wellness services at our offices, at Long-Term Care facilities (Assisted & Independent Living facilities), Rehabilitation Centers and Nursing Homes, as well as in-home for the individuals who might have accessibility issues or difficulty traveling. We provide Initial Consultations and we utilize Evidence-Based approaches to deliver Transitional/Preventative Counseling, Individual & Family Therapy, Neuro-Psychological Assessments, as well as Support & Empowerment Groups, and Educational & Training Sessions. More importantly, we respect individuals’ unique cultural, religious and spiritual practices, healing approaches, values and beliefs, and we develop jointly with our clients a plan for Health and Vitality in Aging that works specifically for them.


Consultation: An initial consultation provides the opportunity for a global evaluation of an individual’s needs and overall wellbeing, and can shed light to the areas where we need to pay attention so as to maintain one’s vitality. At the end of the initial consultation, our professional will provide you with a series of recommendations regarding psychological support, successful aging, healthy nutrition and exercise, mindfulness & relaxation training, as well as information about available case management services and community resources.


Prevention/Transitional Counseling: Change and Aging are normal parts of life. We usually think of change as something negative; however, any major change in life’s routine can be both an opening to a new positive direction, as well as a loss: retirement, children growing up and leaving home, sudden illness or injury, chronic physical limitations, loss of intimacy… It is important during these major life transitions to reach out and ask for support not only from those close to us, but also from professionals in the field of change and healing, to prevent stressful circumstances from affecting our physical and emotional wellbeing. At EBWS, we have developed our Vitality in Aging® Program, which is a holistic, well-rounded approach to life based on Evidence-Based principles.


Individual & Family Therapy: Older adults may experience a sense of meaninglessness, loss of motivation and interest in activities that they previously enjoyed, a sense of powerlessness, even a sudden outburst of anxiety and depression. Individual therapy addresses these issues utilizing techniques such as Loss & Grief Counseling, Motivational Enhancement, Reminiscence Therapy, Existential therapy and various other techniques. Family therapy helps bridge the gap between errors in communication, perception or approach, and offers the family members the unique opportunity to connect with one another in a safe space, and develop an understanding and appreciation of each other needs. At EBWS, we tailor our treatment modalities to you and your family, respecting your unique cultural, religious and spiritual practices, healing approaches, values and beliefs. We work within your frame of thinking and practices, and find solutions that work for you.