At EBWS, we recognize that the lives of seniors and the chronically physically ill are in a constant state of transition and change. Our goal is to normalize their experiences, create a safe space for them to share and explore their thoughts and feelings, while instilling hope and sustaining their dignity. Since 2006, we have been providing Evidence-Based mental health services, including Transitional Counseling, Loss & Grief Counseling, as well as Healthy Living Education, and Case Management Services aimed at sustaining a sense of Vitality and Meaningfulness in life. We offer our services at home for individuals with mobility or accessibility issues, or at Long-Term Care Facilities.


We also provide family counseling and caregiver support to the families of the seniors and the chronically ill that we work with, helping them navigate the stress of being pulled in the various directions of their lives. We teach them coping strategies and relaxation techniques, while helping them increase their insight and better comprehend the unique needs of their loved ones. Our goal is to help them balance more effectively the responsibilities and challenges of the demands of daily life.


Furthermore, we pride ourselves in working with your staff to better understand the needs of seniors and improve their ability to work effectively with them. We will collaborate with you to gain insight over the challenging circumstances that are affecting your residents and staff, building upon the strengths that are already in place. Our therapists are trained in Evidence-Based practices, and our goal is to help you enhance your residents’ quality of life, by helping your staff better recognize their emotional needs, and deal effectively with their requests and challenges.


Lastly, for almost a decade we have been successfully collaborating with more than a array of universities through California with the goal of training doctoral candidates in Evidence-Based practices in the areas of Geropsychology, Chronic Illness and Multi-Cultural Competency. We have formulated a doctoral level training agency that teaches psychology graduate students about the unique mental health needs of these populations, providing awareness and training in skill building.