At EBWS we offer a variety of psychological and cognitive assessments, most commonly Dementia assessments and Competency assessments. Cognitive assessments are particularly useful when we are trying to assess an individual’s current cognitive functioning or determine the extent of the neuro-cognitive limitations that an individual is experiencing. Psychological assessments are helpful for diagnostic purpose and also for individuals that have undergone psychotherapy, but have been unable to benefit from previous therapy modalities. Thus, assessments in general provide answers to specific cognitive and emotional issues that appear elusive. Lastly, assessments can also identify existing strengths that an individual can build upon and their overall wellness plan can capitalize on. 


Areas of Cognitive Assessment (Dementia, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Competency Evaluations, etc.):


Dementia Assessments: Dementia is a broad term that is used to describe a person experiencing memory impairment, difficulty with learning new tasks, difficulty with planning, problems with language & motor skills, and difficulty recognizing familiar people or things. A cognitive/neuropsychological assessment will help identify the extent of the symptoms, the existing strengths, and develop a structure and a treatment and cognitive stimulation plan to increase quality of life.


Competency Evaluations: When a person’s decision-making abilities are called into question, a competency evaluation by a trained mental health professional will provide insight into a person’s ability to exercise sound judgment in order to safely manage his/her medical and financial responsibilities. If the evaluation reveals that the individual is truly struggling to make medical, legal and/or financial decisions, then the therapist may make a recommendation that you appoint a non-biased conservator (legally appointed representative who manages medical care and/or financial responsibilities) to assist him/her in his/her decision-making process.



Areas of Psychological Assessment (Social Security Disability, Psychological Functioning and Diagnosis):

Social Security Disability Evaluations: When someone applies for social security disability benefits, the Social Security Administration requires that a current mental health exam be included with the person’s application. A licensed mental health professional conducts this exam in order to accurately identify and explain the current psychological state, strengths and limitations of the person applying for benefits.


Psychological Assessment: A psychological assessment is a compilation of psychological tests that will objectively identify areas of personality, existing symptoms with specificity and detail, and facilitate accurate diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis is important in order to develop a treatment plan for the specific diagnosis, so as to improve treatment outcome and improve quality of daily life.